Big Tree Program

The West Virginia Big Tree Program is an ongoing effort to locate, measure and record the largest trees in the State. Presently, there are 91 species on the West Virginia Big Tree Register and new ones are added as they are found. Nominations always are accepted, and additions are made to the register after verification by West Virginia Division of Forestry personnel. American Forests maintains a National Register of Big Trees from all 50 states that celebrate our American Giants.

Trees of all shapes and sizes are essential to a healthy environment. Besides helping to purify air and water, trees are the biggest weapon against soil erosion. Trees fight air pollution by absorbing sulfur dioxide and help to cool the earth by absorbing carbon dioxide. They cool homes in the summer by providing shade and protect property year-round from wind damage. Trees also provide homes for birds, small animals and insects. Humans and wildlife enjoy fruits and nuts that many trees produce.Big Tree Registry

Trees add beauty to all rural and urban landscapes, but planting the right tree in the right place for the right reason is an important goal. Urban Forestry programs teach the importance of placing the correct species in the proper area. Power lines and underground pipes are just two things to  consider when deciding where to plant your future Big Tree Champion.

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